An Optimistic Future

Final Strip! Well there you go, three years worth of strips. I wanted to thank all of you for clicking over every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I must say I’ve had a lot of fun drawing Surviving Retail…especially these last few months. Once I knew it was ending I tried to make sure I was fitting everything in that I needed in order to wrap things up. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten any hanging threads. Rock On!  Be sure to check out my new strip at Letting It All Hang Out.


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  1. Sarah Reid

    I will miss these guys!

    How do I find out when/where you start your new strip?

    Also, you’re awesome.

  2. chuck

    My new strip will start regularly posting in a few weeks (let’s say January 9th, that sounds like a good date.) You can find it at The first strip is up so I can see what it looks like while I still am making minor changes to the website. If your curious about it, it’ll give you a hint as to the type of humor I’m going for in Letting It All Hang Out. If this is your type of humor I hope to see you there, if not, thanks for all the time you’ve spent reading and supporting Surviving Retail.

  3. Writer@Large

    Congrats on the successful run. I discovered SR sometime last fall (2010), and I have enjoyed it ever since. I will definitely be reading the new strip!

  4. Cassie

    Thanks so much Chuck!

  5. jup-reindeer

    Thank you for producing this excellent strip. It touched home in a number of ways. And, came as a surprise when, after being away for a month-plus on readings, I see that it’s ending. And, even this, I have lived. Brought back some instant memories. Good luck on the new strip. And, does that mean that this one shall vanish into the digital haze? Or, is it going to be preserved for as long as possible in one way or another?

  6. chuck

    Thanks for being a constant contributor to the comments section, it’s meant a lot to me to get your feedback over the past few years. I’m gonna keep the site up. It’ll stay as it is…for future generations to read if they so desire. Thanks again.

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